2 units Mobile Harbour Crane Start Operation on 01 July 2012

During the last few years, RPA has had faced many challenges. But in the face of all those, the Management and Staffhave persevered to toil and work to the best that we can and we have managed to come out with some achievements. All these would not have been possible without the blessings and support of the State, our Ministry and our Board.

As a business like the port, our core activity being the handling of containers has been registering encouraging increases. For the last 5 years, our average increase is 6-7%. As a riverine port in this region, achieving a total throughput of 88,700 TEUs of containers last year is, in port terms, is a handsome achievement.

As a business entity where bottom line is always a concem, RPA has managed to generate an average increase in profit of 20% in the last 5 years. Having said that, we are just a humble organisation whom is just like everyone else, carrying on a business.

With the development in Sarawak, and in particular , the central region, we are anxious to tap on the development of SCORE. With SCORE, the economy in this region shall be expanded, it will open up more trade, it will create more activities and therefore more cargo. RPA is blessed to be positioned in the midst of all this development. I call on all our staff to be even more willing to work harder so that we are able to reciprocate the support of the State and to meet the expectations of the State and the expectations of all of you, our customers. We must be ready to fulfill our obligations and duties required of us by the State and our customers.

We are sure that the business community in Sibu would have noticed our latest addition of 2 units of mobile harbour cranes. These cranes are there to provide even more efficient service to our customers.

On the note of the cranes, we are now finally putting them into operation. It has been the intention of the port to always provide efficient services to our customers. The port has , over the years, continued to develop and improve in our facilities to meet the expectation of our customers. Being in this industry, development is by no means, light as investment in the port's development are almost always, capital-intensive and require a large sum of funds.

With the commissioning and operating of our latest mobile harbour crane, we are now looking forward to handling more cargo, gain more profit, and provide efficient services to our customers.