Rajang Port Authority Go Mobile

Nowadays, mobile phone not longer only define as a communication device for texting or calling purpose, but it is a handy device use to surf the web, processing daily office task and more to come in the future. Thanks to the big touch screen with multi-touch sensor, users could easy perform their daily task when they are on the move by holding their own mobile devices.

To enhance RPA website visitors' experience while visiting us on their mobile devices, we develop a simple and well-organise mobile portal which is smaller in data capacity usage, with elegant theme design, display interesting media component, and easy to use.
New feature of RPA Mobile Portal:
- Automatically re-direct to this mobile web when users use mobile devices (Windows Mobile/ IOS/ Andriod/ Symbian/ Palm) to access our website.
- Expandable menu navigation, touch to expand, another touch to see the contents.
- Important Notice fade in on the right screen, you never miss out, just touch to read it.
- Photo Slideshow, click to see a bigger image.
- Statistic in flash.
- Simple but informative contents.
- Easy to use.