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Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards (APEA) 2015
Posted on : 15 Aug 2015

Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards (APEA) 2015

Congratulation to our General Manager, Madam Helen Lim Hui Shyan whom had been awarded The Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards(APEA), in the Most Promising category.

Outstanding business leaders honoured at APEA 2015

awards Outstanding business leaders and those with outstanding potential in the BIMP-EAGA (Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines-East Asian Growth Area) zone have been honoured for propelling the region's economic rise.

The individuals were honoured at the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards (APEA) 2015 held in Miri City on Saturday evening.

APEA is a regional economic recognition programme organised by Enterprise Asia, the region’s foremost non-governmental think tank aimed at the development of entrepreneurs and businesses.

The Awards is often compared to the Olympics for the stringent entry criteria and highly competitive judging parameters. Nominations of the Awards itself is by invitation, either by past and current awardees, a supporting trade association or the organizing committee of Enterprise Asia. Nominees are then subjected to a series of rigorous tests, including financial verification by an appointed audit firm and a compulsory physical site audit and interview, culminating in a secret balloting process by Enterprise Asia's organizing committee.

The awards are presented to a handful of entrepreneurs and business leaders across the Asia Pacific region every year.

President of Enterprise Asia Datuk William Ng said that the award winners are torch-bearers of entrepreneurial and business leadership in their respective countries.

“The APEA is in its second year and the winners are major contributors to the escalating development in BIMP EAGA.

“We can say with certainty that the recipients of the APEA are like none others. Not only do they have to prove their entrepreneurial skills and experience in one of the toughest contests in the world, they also subject themselves to a pledge to uphold the highest standards of entrepreneurship, which includes allegiance to the two founding pillars of Enterprise Asia, namely Investment in People and Responsible Entrepreneurship”, he said.

Profile Layout in APEA Report via: Click here to Download

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The Group Photo and feature was showcased at the screens at TIMES SQUARE NEW YORK​ on 14 August 2015! It cannot go any bigger than that!