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Last Update: 30 Mar 2017
Version 8.0.1
Operation CentreOperation Centre

Operation Centre


Port Centres



Sg. Merah

Tg. Manis*



11 hectares

1.1 hectares

0.1 hectares

40.5 hectares

1 hectares

Approaches – Length of route from entrance: 
Rajang River Channel
Paloh River Channel






Maximum GRT

10,000 tonnes

3,000 tonnes

2,500 tonnes

32,000 tonnes

2,500 tonnes

Number of berths






Length of berth

448 metres

146 metres

49 metres

203 metres

49 metres

Depth alongside

8.5 metres

7.6 metres

4.6 metres

10 metres

4.6 metres

Transit Shed Capacity

11,650 m2

3,604 m2


9,259 m2


Open Storage

2,361 m2

524 m2


18,180 m2

1,897 m2

Container Yard

47,612 m2

1,200 m2




General Cargo Annual Capacity

450,000 tonnes

104,000 tonnes

400,000 tonnes

200,000 tonnes

28,500 tonnes

Container Annual Capacity

115,000 TEUs

1,000 TEUs


25,800 TEUs


Reefer Point






*run, managed and operated by an appointed port operator 

Sibu Operation Centre

The Rajang River flows through the central region of Sarawak and the town of Sibu is an important commercial and financial centre. Timber logging & timber-related products industry and other agro-based industries are the main economic activities of the Rajang Basin.

Sibu is the main operations centre and lies on latitude 02° 24N and longtitude 116°56E. It is about 113km from the mouth of the Batang Rajang.

The general cargo-container berths can accommodate two ships each of 154m length. The deck loading specification is 672 lb/sq.ft for live stacking loads. Laden 20 ft. containers can be stacked two-high while laden 40 ft. containers can be stacked one-high on the 2 wharf deck. Storage facilities at Sibu Centre comprise four transit sheds, a dangerous goods shed, an open yard and a container yard.

Sarikei Operation Centre

Sarikei is situated about 48km from the mouth of the Rajang River. The port has a 146m long general cargo/container berth which can accomodate vessels of up to 3000 dwt with draughts of 7.6m. The port has two transit sheds.

Sarikei serves as both a centre for the export of agricultural products and consumer goods for Sarikei town and its surrounding area.

Sungai Merah Jetty

Sungei Merah is situated on the eastern bank of the Igan River, about 5km downstream from the confluence of the Rajang River. The jetty is about 91km from the mouth of the Paloh River and about 116km from the mouth of the Rajang River.

There is one 48.8m long wharf used primarily for the handling of fuel oil in bulk. The wharf is limited to vessels of 75m length and with draughts of 4.6m because of the narrowness of the river.

Tanjung Manis Operation Centre

Tanjung Manis Port is located at latitude 2° 08’N and longitude 111° 21’E. The natural deep sea port, situated only 30 km from the mouth of the Rajang river with draught of 10 metres, provides a safe berthing place for large ocean-going vessel.


Its strategic location and landforms thus make Tanjung Manis into a vital gateway for logs and timber trades. The Tanjung Manis deep anchorage is used mainly for loading logs and timber products and can accommodate about 20 foreign-going vessels.