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Last Update: 28 Mar 2020
Version 8.3.0

Our Management Team!


General Manager, Datin Helen Lim Hui Shyan


Assistant General Manager (Admin/Finance) / Corporate Services Manager

Madam Hayati binti Kiprawi


Human Resource & Administration Manager

Madam Norhiya Binti Hussain


Traffic Manager, Mr. Kerry Anak Jemat


Mechanical Engineer, Mr. Liong Fook Chiong


Executive Engineer, Madam Yii Huong Wee


Internal Auditor / Chief Information Officer (CIO), Madam Hajijah binti Hj. Pon


Commercial and Claims Manager, Mr. Yet Chuong Hin


Accountant, Miss Ngui Ling Wee


Security Officer, Mr. Mohamad Jaffary B.Led


Information System Manager, Madam Dyg. Jama’iah binti Awang Sidek