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Last Update: 27 Jun 2022
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E-participation activitiesE-participation activities

E-participation activities

Events / Activities Initiatives Respondent Result Period
We are planning to refurbish our Guard House and Wall Fencing, which color scheme do you think suit us?

We are planning on refurbish Weightbridge/Guard House at entrance and fencing wall in recent. Therefore, we would like to hear opinion from the public for colour theme that match our agency.

As a result, Dark Grey and Navy Blue both received 5 votes.  After the meeting, we agreed to pick Dark Grey.



Customer Satisfaction Surveys

We are looking forward to improve our website consistently.
Therefore, we need the public opinion on stars rating that public would like to rate us.

As a result, we are able to archive users satisfaction on our website above average which is 51% of overall.

We will continue improve our website to archive at least 90% of 5 Star Rating.