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The Preferred First Port of Call Into Central Sarawak

Rajang Port Authority




Along the breadth of the mighty Rajang snaking its course through Malaysia as the country’s longest river, you will find the principal port of the region, Rajang Port Authority (RPA), strategically positioned as the distribution centre to the vast hinterlands of Sarawak.

RPA is a feeder port situated in the central region of Sarawak and is based within the major administrative district of Sibu, located 60 kilometres from the South China Sea.

RPA operates as a statutory body of the state of Sarawak under the purview of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Port Development. The major exports include sawn timber and timber products while its primary trading partners include ports of the Peninsula Malaysia, and regional ports in Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Europe, China Japan and Hong Kong.

Additionally, in keeping pace with the requirement of the day, the port had also invested in the purchase of the most technologically advanced fleet of machinery and port equipment. Between 1991 and 2015, this investment amounted to RM81 million.

RPA has also long established a sound and modern information Technology platform with its customised Integrated Information system providing one push button linkage to the world. This long running history keeping pace with the industry evolution has allowed RPA to establish a robust network in which to thrive as an integral component of the holistic supply chain, covering maritime transport port handling and hinterland transport.

The key to success rests on the integration and complimenting and supporting roles played by all components in the supply chain. Our strategic alliances and partners and the suppliers provide the backbone of adequate supply to meet the demand of users, directly and indirectly.

Indeed, the company’s strengths in this area have been officially recognised as in 2019 RPA was awarded the Lang international Corporate Titan Award of ‘The Best Managed Riverine Port’.

“ In providing the vital link between the suppliers and their customers, between the global supply chain and the local and regional trade and consumption, the ultimate end users of goods and services, it is crucial for the port to maintain our own sound and solid system, structure and processes internally to carry out what a port should in the holistic logistics chain.” Lim comments.

Fulfilling a crucial role in the state of Sarawak infrastructural development, RPA operations compliment nationwide projects such as the Pan Borneo Highway which is set to provide a vital link between the hinterland and the state’ inner core.

Mission & Vision



To build and contribute toward the sustainability  and growth of the Port to enable economic growth and to promote regional and international trade


The preferred first port of call into Central Sarawak

Rajang Port Authority


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01 Sep 2022

Shipping Notice

Port Operation Hours
First Shift:
Saturday - Thursday: 0730 - 1200, 1300 - 1530
Friday: 0730 - 1130, 1400 - 1530

Second Shift:
Saturday - Thursday: 1530 - 1700, 1700 - 2300
Friday: 1530 - 1700, 1730 - 2300

A third shift from 2300-0730 hours can also be worked, if necessary, at the Authority discretion.

Last Updated On 12 Jul 2024

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