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Last Update: 27 Jun 2022
Version 8.3.0

Our Management Team!


General Manager, Datin Helen Lim Hui Shyan


Assistant General Manager (Administration/Finance) / Corporate Services Manager

Madam Hayati binti Kiprawi


Assistant General Manager (Operation/Planning & Development) /Executive Engineer

Madam Yii Huong Wee

Human Resource & Administration Manager

Madam Norhiya Binti Hussain


Traffic Manager, Mr. Kerry Anak Jemat


Mechanical Engineer, Mr. Liong Fook Chiong


Internal Auditor / Chief Information Officer (CIO), Madam Hajijah binti Hj. Pon



Accountant, Miss Ngui Ling Wee


Security Officer, Mr. Mohamad Jaffary B.Led


Information System Manager, Madam Dyg. Jama’iah binti Awang Sidek